Bluewater Cleone

Works great. Looks great. A high-performing classic, the Bluewater Cleone takes ease of water purification to the next level. Forget about chlorine tasting water or concerns about practically all chemical and biological contaminants. With proven function and built to last, the Bluewater Cleone is small in size but big on delivering cleaner, healthier water from the kitchen tap.

Harnessing the power of reverse osmosis, the Cleone fits snugly under your kitchen sink to reliably deliver pristine water for drinking or washing vegetables and fruits. Replacing filters and membranes every six months or so is straightforward and simple. In Italy, the Cleone is called ‘the tank’ because it never breaks down, working 24/7 all year round to deliver pure, fresh and tasty drinking water.

In a market full of inefficient, water-guzzling, unattractive water purifiers, the Cleone reflects how our philosophy that there is no substitute for excellence when it comes to helping protect human health and wellbeing. So why not join the hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who today rely on their Bluewater Cleone water purifiers for enhanced health and wellbeing at home? At the last count, Cleone’s had a purification capacity of 24 million

liters of water every day for people around the planet..

The Cleone Benefits

  • Designed for municipal water
  • 3–stage pre-filtration
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Tank 8-40 liter
  • Capacity up to 0,1 l/min (1.56 US GAL/hour)
  • Good looking
  • Durable
  • Easy to change filters