The Bluewater Pro is probably the most powerful compact water purifier available in the marketplace. Ideal for professional kitchens, hotels and hospitals, the Pro is also used to remove limescale from water to deliver pristine water for dishwashing, ironing and car washes. Pro may also be used to create a whole house water purification system.Installing, using and maintaining the Bluewater Pro is easy and straightforward. And changing filters every six months or so depending on water quality is a cinch.

Top chefs, wine makers and other professionals rely on the power of reverse osmosis to get pristine, clean tap water. For chefs, water is something they cannot work without, using it to boil, broil, sauté and bake with. Water provides body and texture and makes it easier for different ingredients to deliver a taste sensation. Chefs can also harness the powerful, on demand flow from the hardworking Pro to serve restaurant patrons exceptionally pure water free of harmful substances in high-end, reusable designer bottles rather than over-expensive bottled water.

It’s said life started in the oceans covering over 70 percent of the surface of the planet. Most of that water is undrinkable, but the Bluewater Pro stretches the boundaries with its unique ability to turn brackish water into healthier drinking water. That’s what we mean with ‘innovated with love in Sweden’.

 The Pro Benefits

  • Premium purification of municipal water for professional users or large homes
  • SuperiorOsmosisTM
  • On demand water, no tank
  • Stunning capacity up to 5.7 l/min (79.4 US GAL/hour)
  • Slashes water wastage by up to 82% against traditional RO
  • Good looking, durable design
  • Easy to install
  • Quick change change filter system